9th Annual Blues Festival
May 18th, 2019
Springfield MO

A letter from the founder Jim Payne


Friends of Stomp The Blues,
Thank you for stopping by our website, I hope you find it informative in regard to what our purpose is and our plan to help those in need. My wife, Paige, and I have been involved for the past 3+ years with a very compassionate group who Thursday and Friday of every week provide meals to approximately 75-100 at Bill’s Place each day. Bill’s Place is a daily homeless walk in social service and mental health provider through Burrell Mental Health. They provide a place to shower and wash their clothing as well as a place to get their mail. From this awakening we founded The Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness Festival.

Our goal with Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc. is to broaden the awareness of poverty and homelessness in our community through music. Blues music is the vehicle of our choosing because of the deep soul searching and history of compassion that this music has. But the Blues does not have a negative connotation, it is a feeling within. It is a drive to better days ahead and our struggle to help others succeed.


Paige and I are also lucky enough to be newly accepted members of the Board of Trustees with The Kitchen, Inc. This organization supports numerous vital social service functions for the homeless and working poor through places such as: The Missouri Hotel, The Rare Breed Youth Drop in Facility, TLP or transitional living program for teens and the self funded Health Clinic. We refer to the Kitchen Inc as, “The Recipe For Success” in regard to their mission and purpose as providers of compassion and dignity for those in need.


Buy a ticket, come have fun and become a part of the solution to this community and national issue.



It takes a lot of effort and hard work to plan and organize an event such as this and I would be remise if I did not thank the numerous friends and volunteers who work tirelessly, thank you. The sponsors make this event happen and I thank them for their participation. Please as you enjoy the music thank those who help you and patronize those businesses that make it happen.

The Blues Will Set You Free!


Jim Payne