10th Annual Blues Festival
May 16th, 2020 (CANCELLED)
Springfield MO

Stomp The Blues 2020 has been cancelled due to the covid-19 virus.

Hope to see you all in 2021


Friends of The Stomp Please read


Friends of The Stomp,
Everyday our groups plan and organizes methods of action to help our communities less fortunate, sometimes we knock the ball out of the park with real positive change and sometimes we experience very sad and tragic events. In the past 6 weeks we have experienced two tragic events that have resulted in death. 
We tentatively move forward wanting to know we are helping and pushing for a positive change in our community. We hope the real forces of our community such as the monster churches that loom over the horizon can see the severe poverty and helplessness that are common in this community and instead of helping foreign countries will start by first helping their neighbors. Food insecurity and childhood poverty are issues our Country and community should not have with our over abundance of wealth and food production.
SNAP (food stamps) is a program that is the most important Federal program that helps provide a minimum amount of help to families and children facing hunger daily. Please help support this valuable program by voicing our need to our elected representatives.
Our community housing authority has even denied the VA-VASH program which directly provides funds for our Veterans for housing needs—why is this happening? They all make excuses about admin cost etc… really it is denying our poverty stricken population much needed assistance with the hope that they go away. 
We need help,
Thank you,
Jim Payne
Founder of Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness