10th Annual Blues Festival
May 16th, 2020 (CANCELLED)
Springfield MO

Stomp The Blues 2020 has been cancelled due to the covid-19 virus.

Hope to see you all in 2021



Friends of The Stomp:

Many positive things are evolving in our community in regard to our understanding of class differentiation. Recently Dr. Ruby Payne (no relation) spoke to our community about understanding the way each of us understands our class language as well as the hidden rules of class. In essence what we as Middle America understand to be normal and productive probably does not have the same basis for those living in survival mode or living in poverty.
We need to understand the many levels of generational poverty and work to transform at a minimum of three generations at a time. Our work with preschool and school age children is vital and essential but it is equally important to transform the parents and their parents because without this generational change the child is compelled to remain committed to their family and the responsibility of maintaining their familial relationship to much too strong to separate.
We have also seen growth in what I call survival compassion; this is what we do when we have a single mission to help provide the minimal essentials for our homeless friends to make it another day. Meals, clothing, tarps, tents etc.. This is a very valuable asset and the homeless have to be treated humanely and should have equal legal protections as everyone else. But there needs to be more.
We have to develop productive activities and educational processes to move the unsheltered or sheltered homeless forward. One such thought that Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc. is formulating is a working rehabilitation farm; structured activity that has purpose and shared responsibility. Whether it is live stock, green houses or row crops the goal would be to teach a positive work ethic and develop self esteem and self confidence to then grow individually self sufficient (back to work), while teaching basic economic skills and personal skills.

So moving forward Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc. will be looking to partner with Agricultural experts, mental health experts and educational experts to develop this model.
The cost for such a mission can be enormous but I believe the cost for not acting is much greater to our community.

Shelter—Productive Activity—Education—Economic Personal Skills
Mental Health Services.

Thank you for reading,

Jim Payne
Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc.