13th Annual Blues Festival June 8th, 2024
Springfield Missouri


Good Deeds Foundation

Good Deeds Foundation
American Land Title Association
Chairperson Mary O’Donnell
Dear Mary,
   I have no real words to describe how fortunate we are to receive this grant. 2020 was a great
title insurance business year but it was tragic for many charitable organizations that work so
hard to help the less fortunate. This grant will help Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc.
set our foundation once again and move forward to the goals of helping those who are

Our Jan 2021 Post

Well, we have gone through a disaster of a year, so glad it is almost behind us and we have something positive to look forward to. After really 1 ½ years of less than bad revenues from our annual festival we are encouraged by the vaccine and its potential to allow 2021 to go on as planned.

     We have June 12, 2021 set as our event date and I have booked all the bands. We will have a great mix of some of our past favorites and an outstanding couple of first timers to Stomp The Blues’ stage. We will announce the lineup Feb 1, 2021.

10th Annual Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness Festival

Stomp Sponsors and Supporters, 

We are really excited about this year’s event and just blessed that we have now made it to year number 10! With your help we have continued to make lives better in our community. The date for 2020 is May 16 and we will be back at The Community Blood Center of The Ozarks. 

Christmas Fundraiser!

Hello Friends,

I wanted to get the word out so everyone can save the date for The Sister Lucille Band - Rare Breed, Laura’s Home and Darr House Christmas Fundraiser. Like last year we will once again be at The Riff (Classic Rock Coffee) for a night of jamming and great music. This is going to be on Saturday November 17th starting at 7pm. We will have raffles for some great instruments and I hope to be able to announce the 2019 lineup.

Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness 2018 Event Success

 I believe we have finally turned the corner in regard to becoming a viable resource for raising money for our mission. After 8 hard years with the help of our tremendous sponsors and volunteers I hope we have moved over the hump to consistent and fruitful gains in our fundraising campaign.

Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness #8

Friends, we are getting close to Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness #8. Sometimes it is hard to believe we have been going this long but then I think about those we have helped and the great volunteers who have helped us and I forget all the years and hard work. Stomp 2018 Looks to be our biggest yet, ticket sales are really strong and I think the weather will be perfect.

Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness Festival 2018

We have announced the full line up for the 8th Annual Stomp The Blues Festival to be held May 19, 2018. We are extremely excited to have been able to get these outstanding artists.

Our headliner for 2018 is Marc Broussard – www.marcbroussard.com His blend of Cajun Soul and Blues has him among the most sought after contemporary artist of our time. This is one of my favorite artist and I have been listening to Marc for well over a decade.

Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness 2017

What an outstanding event and an outstanding year of giving to those who want to move forward but are in need of a hand up.
With the support of our main and stage sponsors: The Payroll Company, Brax Properties and Choice Escrow & Land Title, plus our numerous foundation sponsors and VIP Tents our event got off to a great start fiscally. Tickets sales and other event sales put us over the top in our endeavor to help those in need with another growing year to our bottom line.

Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc. 2016

What a great year 2016 was for Stomp The Blues Out of Homelessness, Inc. We had significant growth in our direct support for a number of local agencies as well as daily and weekly direct interaction with our friends living in challenging situations.

Obviously, it takes a small army to deliver the mail and we have a number of great volunteers, sponsors and supporters – thanks to each and every one of you.

Our year ended something like this:

2016 -- That's a wrap

August 15, 2016

That’s a wrap,

It seems like Stomp The Blues #6 was just last weekend, maybe Paige, myself and all the others who work to make it possible are just now catching our breath.

Stomp The Blues # 6 was legendary: in music, the new venue, attendance and for the financial help we can now provide to our charity partners. We grew about 15% across the board. Women In Need of The Ozarks has received a donation of $4000, we are incrementally sharing with The Rare Breed, Harmony House and The Veteran’s Coming Home Center.